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When Celebs You Love Have Babies….. Urgg! June 18, 2010

Tiffany Thiessen's just had a baby girl....

It’s so amazing when celebs you’ve grown with from childhood to adolecence and for some of us, adulthood- have babies and start families. There’s like this separation they then have from you…. Take for instance Tiffani Thiessen. You remember her right? She was Kelly on Saved By The Bell-oh did she love Zack! She’s just had a baby girl, Harper Renn Smith. More locally though, artistes like Destra and Fay Ann Lyons who’ve been in the spotlight in T&T and across the Caribbean for so many years, seem to take on a totally different role- which is obvious- but for some reason, their celebrity seems to fade a little….

It takes a little while before that celebrity returns… They often need to jump back into the music and the spotlight.. rumours need to create a buzz and of course, their publicists need to start working double time! Not to sound harsh but it seems like after a celeb has a kid, they become someone their audience suddenly becomes bored with. What’s often worse is the fact that every two words that come out of their mouths, are in reference to their children.

While kids are beautiful blessings- celebrities must think long and hard before they actually go down that road. They need to have a plan and understand that they may be out of the spotlight for a year or two before they gain momentum again. This past year, Fay Ann Lyons emerged with her momentum despite giving birth one year ago. For some reason though, she didn’t strike that chord she’s usually known for, with the youths and the crowd in general…. it took some doing when she did!

Lyons- Alvarez Performed In 2010 Carnival, after giving birth one year ago!

Destra’s return in 2011 is truly anticipated because folks want to know whether her sexy style has changed after giving birth…. As a mother/ entertainer – there’s a very thin line between appearing respectful and disrespectful….

NOTE TO ALL: Think about Brittney Spears… she’s flopped as a celebrity since the birth of her children… she’s gone from one negative extreme to another.

Local female celebrities…. TIP*** Pace yourselves, strategise and clearly distinguish your roles on and off stage… Finally, Put your publicist to work!

Anxiety is at an all time high for Destra's return to the spotlight!