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A Kim Kardashian Type Required in T&T? June 17, 2010

Oh boy! This one’s a great one! Kim Kardashian’s name is the 3rd most searched keyword in the Yahoo search engine today!

In Trinidad an Tobago, our entertainment industry lacks a level of star power that would have the region and the international population yearning to learn about what they’re up to. While we have soca stars Machel Montano, Fay Ann Lyons and Bunji Garlin- they lack the wow factor that would bring people running to Yahoo to see just what’s new.

Kim Kardashian is no musician but she’s made herself a real brand by exploiting what she’s got which are good looks, a big butt, the lust of men ( remember the Ray J sex tape?)… a modeling career which has blossomed into so many other things.

In the Caribbean, the mindset of our celebrities is quite localised… What we need to always remember is that we must spend money to make money… Publicity is extremely important. The more news you make, the more popular you become and whether good or bad news…. publicity is publicity! —- so… TIP TO CARIBBEAN ENTERTAINERS **** Hire a good publicist today!

Celebrity status comes with hard work and Kim Kardashian knows this oh, too well. Publicity is key too!


Dey Riding De Riddum Hard! November 27, 2009

'Soca Sensation'- Machel Montano

Soca collaborations, riding rhythms– are these new techniques being attempted among Caribbean artistes, in a bid to catch the attention of the mainstream music industry? Machel Montano, the youngster who at age 9, was chastised by the elders of that time for his involvement in the artform, is today revered as the trendsetter. He single handedly made strides in recent years to collaborate with Jamaicans ( who, mind you- have been heard mainstream and are well received, despite their accent or “demeanor”) and even Americans, as in the case of Doug E Fresh and Latinos- I recall a track with Pitbull (a favourite for many)!


Following Montano’s effort to introduce the concept of collaboration, there was a sudden venture into riding ‘riddums.’ Now, mind you, it’d been done with Soca Parang music, but hard core Soca- no. Basically, a producer would create his masterful rhythm and invite artistes, so fit, to compose tracks and vocalize. In the end, you’d come out with maybe 5 or 6 artistes singing a variation of lyrics to one melody. It’d work for the season, as the artistes on the tracks, stood to benefit during the season when promoters would be looking for the artistes who’s been given the most airplay- which in most instances would be those riding ‘riddums.’

It’s a great strategy, especially when used together. Think of it as a marketing ploy- piggybacking off the success of an already established brand- for example: Jamaica’s dancehall crooner, Beenie Man’s collaboration with superstar, Janet Jackson or in simpler forms- LG Electronics partnership with the highly acclaimed Prada brand- cross branding at its best!

I’m no expert on the music business however, I do understand a strategy when I see one. This in itself has proven ideal for Caribbean Soca artistes- all it needs however is packaging, from PR to elements of physical structuring- a TEAM is required for tantamount success. Only then, will mainstream music execs see and feel the music….