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YouTube – Lawless and Chanz GIRLS OFFICIAL VIDEO RAW June 8, 2011

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YouTube – Lawless and Chanz GIRLS OFFICIAL VIDEO RAW.



Soldiers to get powers of arrest | The Trinidad Guardian June 16, 2010

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Soldiers to get powers of arrest | The Trinidad Guardian.

Check out the link above. In T&T, the new Prime Minister says consideration will be given to allowing military soldiers the right to make arrests.

Many are against the concept- others, meanwhile say you never know until you try. Parliament re-opens on Friday, June 18th in Trinidad and Tobago.


World Cup Fever Hits T&T

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Despite the fact that the smallest nation to have ever qualified for a World Cup Finals, did not pull a hat trick in 2010, the people of Trinidad and Tobago remain a part of the World Cup action.

With many Brazil supporters flaunting the ever-popular yellow and green football jerseys, it’s also safe to say that many others are also backing the underdogs in this year’s campaign.

Yesterday’s match between the #1 world ranked football team Brazil and North Korea- proved a true attention grabber as across the country, cheers for the underdogs seemed synonymous to cheers for the Soca Warriors when they played Sweden in their first game in the first leg of World Cup Finals competition back in 2006.

Soca island remains pumped during this, the 2010 leg of the FIFA World Cup being hosted in South Africa. Many have their personal bets on and one thing’s for sure and that’s the fact that SONY plasma TV’s along with other brands are almost extinct at electronic shops across the island.