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The entertainment buzz is high in T&T for the week and weekend ahead as all roads lead to South Trinidad where Caribbean soca artiste, Bunji Garlin celebrates his birthday at the Sting Nightclub.

Among the slate of celebrities carded to perform are, Busy Signal, Beenie Man, Macka Diamond, Bad Gyal Ce’cile, Problem Child, Synergy TV’s Metro, the Danceaholix and not forgetting a line up of local artistes, that makes the cast seem bigger than life.

Fay Ann Lyons, wife of the entertainer who has thrilled audiences around the world throughout her career, will also perform for the masses- thousands of whom are expected to fill the La Romain based nightclub. Tickets are said to be going faster than expected and promoters are expecting an influx of eager party-goers on the night but warn that the venue will not be over-capacitated.

With such a line-up of Caribbean entertainers, who wouldn’t want to be at The Earthstrong of a Lyricist on July 17th? Simply put…there’s no where else to be on Saturday night, that’ll offer that kind of star power! All roads truly lead to South Trinidad for the celebration of the year!


When Celebs You Love Have Babies….. Urgg! June 18, 2010

Tiffany Thiessen's just had a baby girl....

It’s so amazing when celebs you’ve grown with from childhood to adolecence and for some of us, adulthood- have babies and start families. There’s like this separation they then have from you…. Take for instance Tiffani Thiessen. You remember her right? She was Kelly on Saved By The Bell-oh did she love Zack! She’s just had a baby girl, Harper Renn Smith. More locally though, artistes like Destra and Fay Ann Lyons who’ve been in the spotlight in T&T and across the Caribbean for so many years, seem to take on a totally different role- which is obvious- but for some reason, their celebrity seems to fade a little….

It takes a little while before that celebrity returns… They often need to jump back into the music and the spotlight.. rumours need to create a buzz and of course, their publicists need to start working double time! Not to sound harsh but it seems like after a celeb has a kid, they become someone their audience suddenly becomes bored with. What’s often worse is the fact that every two words that come out of their mouths, are in reference to their children.

While kids are beautiful blessings- celebrities must think long and hard before they actually go down that road. They need to have a plan and understand that they may be out of the spotlight for a year or two before they gain momentum again. This past year, Fay Ann Lyons emerged with her momentum despite giving birth one year ago. For some reason though, she didn’t strike that chord she’s usually known for, with the youths and the crowd in general…. it took some doing when she did!

Lyons- Alvarez Performed In 2010 Carnival, after giving birth one year ago!

Destra’s return in 2011 is truly anticipated because folks want to know whether her sexy style has changed after giving birth…. As a mother/ entertainer – there’s a very thin line between appearing respectful and disrespectful….

NOTE TO ALL: Think about Brittney Spears… she’s flopped as a celebrity since the birth of her children… she’s gone from one negative extreme to another.

Local female celebrities…. TIP*** Pace yourselves, strategise and clearly distinguish your roles on and off stage… Finally, Put your publicist to work!

Anxiety is at an all time high for Destra's return to the spotlight!


Hey Facebook Junkie…..Yeah You Trini! June 17, 2010

Well here’s a fact for you…. People spend over 500 billion minutes per month on Facebook!
Here’s another: You are one of 400 million active users of FB!
Getting worried that you’re spending too much of the boss’ time chatting with friends or checking out Farmville? Well, as much as it can cause you some problems as it relates to your efficiency and productivity at work, Facebook and the utilisation of it, for proper purposes, can in fact help you depending on what you’re in to!

Take for instance the The page has amassed almost 21,000 fans since its inception! The radio station is able to get information to its fan base- who are also listeners who’ve bought in to the products they promote, in seconds! Fans too are able to receive updates on things they’re interested in for example- the Pirates of the Caribbean boat cruise that’s coming up on July 8th!

Beyond that, Facebook is a great tool for business networking! People are easily able to make acquaintances based on social status, job platforms and interests! In T&T however, our facebook users just have to be mindful of what they’re using Facebook for…. don’t be a just a junkie- be a junkie that earns respect by how you utilise the network— make Facebook work for you!


A Kim Kardashian Type Required in T&T?

Oh boy! This one’s a great one! Kim Kardashian’s name is the 3rd most searched keyword in the Yahoo search engine today!

In Trinidad an Tobago, our entertainment industry lacks a level of star power that would have the region and the international population yearning to learn about what they’re up to. While we have soca stars Machel Montano, Fay Ann Lyons and Bunji Garlin- they lack the wow factor that would bring people running to Yahoo to see just what’s new.

Kim Kardashian is no musician but she’s made herself a real brand by exploiting what she’s got which are good looks, a big butt, the lust of men ( remember the Ray J sex tape?)… a modeling career which has blossomed into so many other things.

In the Caribbean, the mindset of our celebrities is quite localised… What we need to always remember is that we must spend money to make money… Publicity is extremely important. The more news you make, the more popular you become and whether good or bad news…. publicity is publicity! —- so… TIP TO CARIBBEAN ENTERTAINERS **** Hire a good publicist today!

Celebrity status comes with hard work and Kim Kardashian knows this oh, too well. Publicity is key too!


Facebook | June 16, 2010

Facebook |

On the small island of Trinidad and Tobago, some 1.4 million citizens are privy to the sound of a unique urban soundstream. The BoomChampions 94.1FM, who one week ago celebrated it’s 5th anniversary, has in that short time, amassed a strong following of both young and middle aged people.

Regionally and internationally, the frequency has gathered support and earned kudos for its natural ability to seemingly go with the times. In recent months, the frequency has upped its status, offering a mobile streaming option for persons who have smart phones, of any type- a truly welcomed scenario for many people on the go.

The company is headed by CEO and former radio and television personality, O’Brian Haynes and it is a part of the Radio Vision Limited, under which sister frequency Power 102.1FM, also sits.

Both frequencies though different in content and arrangement offers great programming for various demographics- across the board. Even as FIFA World Cup 2010 action gets underway, both frequencies keep fans of the game, up to par on what’s happening with each game…..

Additionally, a facebook page with over 20,000 valuable fans are kept abreast of each and every move made by the urban leader! The BOOMCHAMPIONS 94.1FM has been incredibly embraced by music lovers locally and internationally…. and with superb djing and mcing capabilities…. the station’s only heading up………check out the facebook page or for further insight.


What is Soca Music, Really? December 2, 2009

Is it easily identifiable- yes!
Is it easily created- no!

While many artistes in the industry seem to think it’s all about a good, catchy hook- I think you’ve got it wrong. The hook works for mere fly by nights who aren’t seeking longevity in the biz. A good soca track’s got to have relatable lyrics, a feel good melody and yes, the hook! Yes, I know- in recent years, it’s been all about ‘de bam bam, de rag, de flag and de wining, but in between in it all, there’ve been some good music.

One of T&T's foremost vocalists and songwriters, Shurwayne Winchester.

I personally appreciate artistes like Kerwin Dubois, Allison Hinds, Shurwayne Winchester, Destra Garcia and Nadia Batson. Consistent in all of the areas outlined above, these artistes have shown their capabilities, time and time again.

Now, mind you- while the hook alone has worked for some, among them, Iwer George- reality is, not all soca artistes have that natural knack for getting the ground to follow- and by ground, I do mean the man on the street. You must know that before the music gets into the all inclusive fetes that you all dream to perform at, the ground must approve!

A lil silly tune could do it for you, that’s no doubt, but question remains- will you make it into another year with another one of those?

Take a moment to think, absorb and understand that the more crap that hits the airwaves in T&T, the less good music we have to market ourselves to the international public…. STOP, THINK, THEN SING!


Dey Riding De Riddum Hard! November 27, 2009

'Soca Sensation'- Machel Montano

Soca collaborations, riding rhythms– are these new techniques being attempted among Caribbean artistes, in a bid to catch the attention of the mainstream music industry? Machel Montano, the youngster who at age 9, was chastised by the elders of that time for his involvement in the artform, is today revered as the trendsetter. He single handedly made strides in recent years to collaborate with Jamaicans ( who, mind you- have been heard mainstream and are well received, despite their accent or “demeanor”) and even Americans, as in the case of Doug E Fresh and Latinos- I recall a track with Pitbull (a favourite for many)!


Following Montano’s effort to introduce the concept of collaboration, there was a sudden venture into riding ‘riddums.’ Now, mind you, it’d been done with Soca Parang music, but hard core Soca- no. Basically, a producer would create his masterful rhythm and invite artistes, so fit, to compose tracks and vocalize. In the end, you’d come out with maybe 5 or 6 artistes singing a variation of lyrics to one melody. It’d work for the season, as the artistes on the tracks, stood to benefit during the season when promoters would be looking for the artistes who’s been given the most airplay- which in most instances would be those riding ‘riddums.’

It’s a great strategy, especially when used together. Think of it as a marketing ploy- piggybacking off the success of an already established brand- for example: Jamaica’s dancehall crooner, Beenie Man’s collaboration with superstar, Janet Jackson or in simpler forms- LG Electronics partnership with the highly acclaimed Prada brand- cross branding at its best!

I’m no expert on the music business however, I do understand a strategy when I see one. This in itself has proven ideal for Caribbean Soca artistes- all it needs however is packaging, from PR to elements of physical structuring- a TEAM is required for tantamount success. Only then, will mainstream music execs see and feel the music….